Inquisitor and Retinue

One of my favorite squads in the Warhammer 40K universe is the Inquisitor’s retinue. This motley crew of various characters really allows a miniature hobbyist to stretch the limits of his/her conversion capabilities. I have collected and converted a number of miniatures that I can use to assemble a vast combination of Inquisitor retinues, some of which are from Games Workshop, while others are from several different table top game manufacturers. With only a few exceptions, I have maintained the “walking forward” theme I’m using for most of my Space Marines and other GW Imperials. For the non-GW miniatures, the captions on each of the photos provide the position the miniature would fill within the retinue as well as the manufacturer and the actual name of the miniature.

Here’s a few notes on some of the miniatures I have so far:

Crusaders #1 and #2: These were created using a variety of bitz: Chaos Warrior lower body; Chaos Knight arms, torso, sword, and shoulder armor; Empire Knight head and shield, and Empire General cape and neck guard.

Close Combat Servitors #1 and #2: With these miniatures, I was really trying to step outside the box of what Warhammer 40K hobbyist have come to know as a “servitor”. Instead of the usual zombie-like drones, I wanted to create a mean looking, fearsome, cyber monstrosity likely to scare the power armor right off the toughest Chaos Space Marine. OK, maybe not, but still pretty scary. My inspiration for these conversions came from Excalibur Miniature‘s “Jim Bob Walton”, which I am also using as in this retinue as “Close Combat Servitor #3”. The picture below shows “Close Combat Servitor #1” next to “Jim Bob” and a Space Marine miniature for size comparison.

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